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Shoe Size Guide

To begin our journey, we spent more than two years researching the evolutionary marvel that is the foot (lucky us you say?). Well, jokes aside, we did this because we wanted our larger sized women’s footwear to not only look amazing, but to fit amazingly!

Let us be totally clear here – bohobo shoes are not just average people’s shoes made a few sizes bigger – they are comprehensively designed for the above average feet of this world! Because that’s what we are right – above average!

What we didn’t expect from the development process, was just how damn hard (#impossible) it was going to be to pull in a standardised range of shoe sizings  from across the globe as a base measure. Like seriously, wouldn’t life be easier if the world could agree on some standard measurements for shoe sizes? A job for another day perhaps! At bohobo, we promise to do everything in our power to at least ensure consistency in sizings across our range of footwear. If for some reason (god forbid!), one of our styles runs a little small, large, wide or narrow – we will let you know in the product description.

Please use the following information as a guide to help you work out which size your fabulous feet are, according to us at bohobo that is! If you are between sizes or need assistance to select your best fit, please get in touch with our very friendly team at We are always happy to talk feet!