Our moment of fame

Shoe shopping minus the disappointment

Sorry nana, we know you love them, but we got so fed up with the horribly boring footwear options we had available as tall women, that we decided to start our own label.

What we really want is to turn the incredibly negative shoe shopping experiences tall women constantly suffer through into exciting, fun and confidence boosting escapades!

No more compromise on style, no more compromise on personality, no more compromise on fit and no more compromise on confidence. Yeah baby!

Our life mission

Why the heck shouldn’t shoe shopping be fun?

All the gorgeous shoes that you have longed to have in your life but could never get hold of in your size. That is unquestionably our mission. To bring them to you. Whatever it takes! We are on your team and we are scarily stubborn.

We care about the small details

Matchmaking is fun right? We love our social beliefs and we also love our design manifesto. We think they would make a seriously cute match! We think their offspring would be heart meltingly gorgeous, chic and timeless wardrobe pieces that support slow fashion choices. Gush!

The future is bright

Don’t wear heels every single moment of your life? Whaaaat?? Well, we don’t either (lol). But, we have been deprived of gorgeous feminine footwear all of our lives and so we wanted our first range to be ultra feminine and totally chic!

We are working really hard to bring a greater range of fabulous everyday footwear choices to you in the near future – please join the bohobo VIP gang by signing up to our mailing list and we will keep you notified of new styles as they develop (and send you exclusive offers and other fun stuff!).