Bohobo Founder - Francesca Kouwenhoven

The Brand

For Australian designer Francesca Kouwenhoven, it has become a personal pursuit to bring beautifully crafted & stylish footwear options to the tall women of the world. A culmination of a lifelong struggle to find fashionable and feminine footwear to fit her size 12 feet, together with a strong social awareness of how important fashion is on an individual level to express one’s true self, Bohobo was born in 2021.

Merging an environmental and social justice background with a love of chic, Parisian inspired minimalist elegance, Francesca is committed to ensure the design ethos behind every item crafted at Bohobo puts timelessness at the fore – creating pieces that can be enjoyed season after season.

Specialising in sizes above the norm, 9-14 AU, Bohobo footwear is put through an extremely rigorous design process to ensure every feature carefully meets the needs of a taller physique. We never settle for almost!

We are excited to continue to be a part of a much needed change towards a more inclusive fashion world.


We are a business, but we are comprised of people, and like you we are affected by the health and wellbeing of our world.

Our path to sustainability is a work in progress. As we move through our third year of operations, our short and long term goals include seeking out of new partnerships and working with craftspeople in local communities. Eliminating the use of plastics and implementing the use of more recycled and renewable materials wherever we can.




Every shoe we design is done so with our community at heart. Our drive – The perfect tall women’s shoes for every occasion.


We sweat the smallest of details to ensure that what we bring to life is going to be something we are immensely proud of and in-turn something that our community desires.


Working to understand every aspect of our supply chain. Inclusive of knowing who is making our footwear, the environment in which it is made and the products that are being used.


Continually question the things we are doing today by understanding how our actions are impacting society and the environment around us. Because there is always room to do better.